Metalizing & Babbit

We are proud to introduce this new service in our facilities, oxy-fuel wire spray rebuilding.

How it works?

This process offers tremendous improvements in component performance such as wear, heat, oxidization, corrosion resistance, is faster and cheaper than traditional chrome rebuilding.

We use this process for the repair of damaged or worn components, bearing saddles on shafts or in housings offering a cost effective and timely alternative to purchasing replacement parts.

For who?

As this process is widely accepted for use in diverse industries such as aerospace and oil and gas and has been approved for numerous applications on new airplane production by today’s leading aircraft companies. Many of the applications involve wear surfaces on structural and wear protection components which were previously designed with chrome plating. Properly applied it can increase the component service life, reduce the risk of failure and reduce the long-term maintenance cost.


Oxy-fuel spray has advanced in recent times and we can now rebuild Babbitt bearings and any Babbitt overlaying application. This process is even more efficient than poured babbitt because of the micro finish of the surface which will hold more oil on its surface, that will lead to less wear. Also this process assures the Babbitt is completely bonded to the base material without any air pockets. what the price of a new casting would be; contact us today to see how we can help you!