Gear Repair and Maintenance

Learn about our new, specialized welding service for damaged and worn-down gears, designed to save you time, money, and operating costs!

Make Old New Again – Welding processes designed to last

Prior to repairing any imperfections, all gears are thoroughly cleansed and inspected. Gear tooth profiles and dimensions are then carefully measured using finely-tuned technology. This ensures that all repairs are exact, and that all equipment is restored to its original specifications.

We weld gears of any size and specifications

The restoration phase incorporates welding technology that uses electrodes specifically designed for any metal alloys, which permits for rapid and efficient repair of used, cracked, or severed gear-teeth. Our versatile equipment allows us to work with pieces molded from cast iron, tempered steel alloys, stainless steel, bronze, and all other alloys. Our adaptability means that we can service standard or custom-made gears, for example, gears with angular or spiraled teeth.

A simple business case: we save you money

Restoring, rather than replacing, rebuilt gears can easily save you up to 70% of the new replacement cost. Ensure that all your gears continue to run smoothly – contact United Welding Processes today for a quote!

And, well, sometimes there’s just no other option than new gears. We also have the capabilities to machine new gears to your specifications.