About Us

About Us

of excellence and innovation

There has long been a need for specialized, expert welding services, and Patrick Champigny recognized this need early on. In 1953, with his welding machine stowed in the trunk of his taxi, and with the help of his supportive wife, Mr. Champigny launched United Welding Processes (UWP). His company was founded on the principles of excellence and innovation, and these are the cornerstones upon which UWP has grown today.

60 years have passed since UWP was created, and yet, through the dedication of second and third generations Champignys, the company has evolved and adapted, adopting new tools and implementing new processes, always striving to be on the cutting-edge of the industry.

Our commitment:
An Unrivalled Passion

Although today’s welding processes have become a finely-tuned science, UWP prides itself on constantly providing only the highest quality work, and personalized customer care. Our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority, just as it was to Mr. Champigny 60 years ago.

Our commitment is to restore parts to their original strength, and, if possible, even exceed these original structural limitations. Rest assured that with our extensive machinery, we are well equipped to work with any piece we receive.